So YouTubers have monthly favourites, but as we are all aware I can't commit to monthly favourites as I will more than likely forget, so seasonal favourites are now a thing on my blog.

I think I will split it into 6 categories; fashion, makeup, TV show, nail varnish, music and skincare.


Dress, £15, Zara (yep you heard right £15)

It was one of those spot it on the other side of the shop floor, do a slow motion run over to it hoping and praying they have your size whist some power ballad plays in the background. The material is super light and floaty and I love this print too!


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, £36

 This little bottle is a pricey one, which drives me mad as it is my summer obsession. I'd say it has light to medium coverage but it is definitely buildable and perfect for day time and evening. Queue the Pussycat Dolls 'I Hate That I Love You' as I cry over my bank balance.

TV SHOW: (not too sure how to do this bit, so here is the trailer for those who haven't seen season 1 - where have you been?!)



Barry M Lychee £3.99

Hellooooo fake tan knuckles! Do I even need to describe these nail varnishes? They seem to have quickly become a cult product and for a good reason - they last forever, you literally need two coats max and the colour is soooo pretty.


Long Road - Jake Isaac

Yes my phone is wrapped in clingfilm and smashed to pieces as I threw it off a mountain by accident and lost the screen protector. The disaster with my phone seems to be made better by this song - and no one seems to know about it! This song is my all time favourite and just is so summery, think acoustic guitars mixed with pop-y beat drops. I have met Jake Isaac who is the loveliest man and his voice and songs are just incredible, give it a go you wont regret it!


Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser £4.49
Clinique 3-Step Skincare, £20 intro kit 

As a 16 year old girl I tend to have bad skin, but not any more thanks to these beauties. I apply them morning and night and have noticed such a difference in not only the amount of spots on my face but the amount of discolouration and smoothness.

So that's that, my Summer Top 6 complete, leave me a comment with all of your summer favourites as I would love to try them out! Also, let me know if this post was too long as I'm not sure what kind of length to make these - and tell your friends about my blog ok #shamelessselfpromo

Adios amigos, Annie x


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