My Name Is .... And I'm A Make-Up Addict ♡

They say there are 5 stages of addiction. 

1. Denial:

"Wow are you like addicted to make-up or something?" 
"No what do you mean ha ha no way" I say, hiding the stashes of blue lipstick I bought purely for the "£3 off sale".

If you aren't familiar with yourself being in denial of your obsessive collection of beauty items, then you are in the 'Denial' stage. And if you're mentally saying you're not, you most definitely are.

2. Anger:

'When confronted or asked about the symptoms of his or her addiction, one tends to be defensive and would argue to justify his or her actions.'

In simple English, you say you use all your make-up (yes even that 2 year old Barry M eyeliner) and that it's there for a reason. It was at this stage I was whacking out the old "It's not even that much" phrase and trying to defend myself when a tiny voice in my gut was telling me, let me rephrase that, screaming at me, explaining that I have too much - at this point it was easy to block this out with a few McDonald's chips and a new MAC lipstick.

3 + 4. Bargaining and Depression:

These are the two stages I cannot relate to. I don't like to refer to anything as "depressed" or indeed class myself as having "depression" as I realise the serious issues drawn to this. However, for those reading these stages are basically a mixture of buying falling into a bad habit and being unable to put a stop to it leading into a series of over-powering emotions. How posh is my serious doctor language, the answer is very.
5. Acceptance:

And here I am, accepting my little "addiction" as what it is. Although I know I am not really addicted - I. Must. Stop. Buying. Makeup. Especially stuff I don't need, lets be honest when will I ever use that pot of yellow face-paint that was half price? The answer is never, and don't even try the Halloween excuse. 

                          Still working on this ending shabam - Adios Amigos!


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  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)
    Check out my page for the questions,

    Lots of Love,

    Hollie xxx

  3. haha this is so true, I'm definitely addicted X

    1. Hahah thank you! I know this is just me in a blogpost - I think we all are a little bit you're not alone :D x



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