All My Make Up Was Stolen?! A Travel Update ♡

It's been a while. A long, long while. I'd love to use an excuse that is interesting and exotic but unfortunately, I don't have one, I am just lazy.

Just last night I came back from a lovely break away with my family, in which we did a mini "road trip" of the south of Spain. It was on this holiday, all my makeup was stolen.

Many bloggers and YouTubers often comment on what they'd do if their make up stash was raided and I always thought it was silly, "why would anyone go through make up?" "I don't think I'd be too upset". I was wrong, oh so wrong.

Whilst travelling from hotel to hotel, we stopped off at a beautiful town in Spain to get out of the car and explore. I didn't want to take my handbag (holding all my makeup, it wouldn't fit in my suitcase it was too big, oops), so I tucked it under the car seat. However, as the hire car was quite small, my suitcase had to be placed in the back of the car.. Not sure how we didn't predict the future of it being stolen but we were tired and it was hot (these aren't valid excuses).

When we returned to the car, the windows had been smashed, my suitcase open, clothes flung around everywhere containing shards of glass, and you guessed it, my handbag containing all my makeup and bits and bobs was gone. 

I feel like I can't be angry, as it was my fault for leaving my suitcase on show. But when around £300 of make up is stolen, including your beloved MAC Palette, it's hard not to be. Although we are incredibly lucky that nothing important such as cameras, passports or laptops were stolen, my make up was a little snuggly comfort blanket that I had saved up for over a long period of time (I'm 15, therefore I have no job except the odd spot of babysitting, this is a tragic event at 15 years of age). A few bits of clothing, phone chargers and miniature perfumes were taken but nothing substantial, which I guess I am happy about.

But hey, I guess this means we can buy a new make up stash together, and I will keep you updated on new buys and repurchases I will be trying as I build up my little snuggly comfort blanket that is my makeup bag. Until then, 

Adios Amigos x


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